“You have no need to travel anywhere- journey within yourself and you will enter a mine of rubies and bathe in the splendor of your own light.”


“Marvaan” is a Sanskrit word meaning journey of purpose. It is a celebration of life and of our individual journeys.

Marvaan is an ethical fashion and lifestyle brand dedicated to creating exclusive, modern selection of ethically sourced, sustainable handmade jewelry that shares rich cultural heritages from across the world.

We are inspired by the humanity, creativity and beauty of the world around us. Our vision is to use fashion as a vehicle for making positive change by enriching, uplifting, inspiring and connecting people across continents and cultures. What compels this endeavour is love for our world full of diverse cultures and people. This is why we created Marvaan.

‘Ubuntu’ – I exist because of you.


Marvaan jewelry tells a story of adventure, human experiences and ultimately of love; love of life, this world and it’s people.

We comb the globe from remote villages in Turkey and Pakistan, to deserts of California, to the Himalayan Mountains, with a voracious curiosity seeking the most unique handcrafted jewelry.

Each Marvaan creation is a work of art, handcrafted in limited quantities and provides you with a glimpse into a culture by immersing you as an active participant in a curated journey across the world exploring life, people, art and culture.

creating connections

Traditional craftsmanship is infused into all our products and every item echoes the love and skill of the hands that made it. Along with aiding in the preservation of cultural heritage and craftsmanship techniques handed down through generations. Each of our ethically sourced, sustainable, handmade jewelry pieces tells the story a story of the lives of the artisans and their communities enriched through safe, sustainable and meaningful employment.

“This encounter ignited my imagination by proving it was possible to create a life in which infinite possibilities existed.”

On a cold winter night Ali Sardar was reflecting on the direction of his life whilst seated in front of a bonfire on a secluded beach near a village in Southern Turkey.

His attention was drawn to the presence of a silhouette on the beach. This stranger turned out to be Mike Spencer Bown, more often referred to as the “Worlds Most Extensively Travelled Person”.

Over the course of the night Mike shared his secrets for creating an extraordinary life of infinite possibilities by pursing ones dreams and Marvaan was born.

How did Ali end up at that bonfire 8,721km away from his home? In April of 2014 he spontaneously quit his well paying consulting job, with the goal of creating a more fulfilling way of life.

On a whim, he traded his suits and downtown Toronto bachelor pad for a backpack and a beard, leaving on a journey of self-discovery and exploration of the world. After months of travelling several countries, Ali had ended up in Turkey where he ultimately found an answer within himself.

His vision to use art to connect human beings was realized and Marvaan was born. The story continues on Marvaan’s blog.