Upeka Sleeve


Upeka is a Sanskrit word for Equanimity. This sleeve is a reminder of the absolute truth of impermanence of all states and things so we may to practice non-attachment and acceptance of each moment as it is.

Part of our “Extreme Conditions Survival Gear” these one size fits all sleeves are designed for protection for the sun and are made from bamboo fabric for moisture absorbing,  supreme breathability  and softness

  • Fair trade item supporting a community of Nepali artisans
  • Handmade from highest grade bamboo fabric for ultra softness, comfort and durability
  • Naturally anti-bacterial and moisture wicking bamboo fabric to keep you fresh and odour free
  • Elastic bottom allows comfortable fit from XL to XS size hands and wrists
  • Sold as a pair (can be worn together or along with the Mudita glove as pictured)
  • 5% of each sale is donated to the Syrian humanitarian crisis
  • “Purchase with Peace of Mind” – Free returns if you don’t absolutely love your purchase for any reason
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Technical Properties

Engineered for Superior Performance and Functionality in extreme conditions.

Made using bamboo fabric of UPF 50 (ultraviolet protecticon factor) 50+ which blocks out more than 98% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UBV radiation to protect from sun burns, premature aging and skin damage (vs UPF of 20 for cotton)

One of the most highly breathable and ultra lightweight fabrics known to man.

Naturally anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking- absorbs four times more moisture than cotton to keep you fresh and feeling fresh and odourless no matter how extreme the climate.

Thermal regulating material to adjust your body temperature to keep you comfortable day and night.

Unlike cotton, bamboo is grown naturally without any pesticides or fertilizers and consumes 1/3 less the amount of water

Sizing & Fit

One size fits all. Bamboo fabric with elastic bottom can be paired with pother glove or sleeve or worn on its own

“Purchase with Peace of Mind” – Free returns if you don’t absolutely love your purchase for any reason. No exceptions, no hassles. Your satisfaction is paramount

Social Impact

Handmade from 100% eco-friendly bamboo

Supporting a community of women artisans in Nepal

5% of the proceeds are donated to the Syrian humanitarian crisis


Upeka is a Sanskrit word which means to Equanimity.
In remaining equanimous we can see the true nature of all things being temporary and practice non-attachment and acceptance of each moment as it is.


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