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The Shadow Cape


The shadow is parts of ourselves that we reject and are ashamed of. Acceptance of the shadow is essential for becoming whole. Inspired by the traditional garment of the Bedouins of the Sahara desert this cape is made from a wool and cotton blend for the summer nights with a cool breeze.

  • Supporting a community of Morccan artisans
  • Handmade with wool and cotton for warmth and breathability
  • Multi-functional. Can be worn open or wrapped to be a sweater, a poncho and a shawl
  • Oversized jedi hood
  • Hand embroided details
  • One size. One colour- Midnight blue (close to black)
  • 5% of each sale is donated to the Syrian humanitarian crisis

Out of stock

The Shadow


Wool and cotton blend for warmth and breathability.

Clasp hooks and buttons on neck to secure the cape.

Sizing & Fit

One size fits all. Total length is 56 inches for a flowy look. Cape can also be wrapped around and functions as a sweater and a scarf

Available in Midnight blue.

Model is 5’10, 180 lbs.

Social Impact

Supporting a community of artisans in Morocco

5% of the proceeds are donated to the Syrian humanitarian crisis


All the we believe is real is merley an illusion. There exist a veil between the illusion that is the physical reality and the world of the form created by sensory perception and the divine essence that is the absolute truth and source from which all originates.

Kashf is the “divine unveiling”- in which one becomes a knower of the reality of realities– the absolute truth. It is a union with the divine brought about by the intellect giving way to the intuition and through the process of “fanna” self-annihilation, in which the individual ego passes away and the human becomes a receptor for pure consciousness to be realized and manifested and through this the rest of humanity may see past the veil into their essential nature and in doing so come in communion with the divine.

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Dimensions3 x 3 x 1 cm

Black, Natural


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