The Mykonos Collection

The Mykonos Collection shares the story of two brothers, Apollo- the God of intellectual knowledge and Kratos- the God of intuitive wisdom. The two brothers lived in the heavens of Olympos protecting mankind from the evil Titans and their leader Chronos- the god of war and destruction.

Chronos has sworn to annihilate all mortals by keeping them enslaved with “the veil of illusion”- a powerful spell that makes mortals forget their godlike powers that exist within each of them and of their interconnected to all other beings.

For thirty thousand centuries the two brothers waged a war against the Titans over the fate of the mortal realm. During a mighty battle Kratos suffered a fatal injury. As Apollo rushed to the aid of his brother, Chronos seized the moment and laid a powerful blow that sent both of them hurling through the heaves, banishing them to the earth where they were trapped in the physical realm as mortals.

The only way for them to return to Gods was for them remember to their true nature by going within and removing all duality.

To help them the return to Olympos, their mother Hera sent muses who planted seven sacred objects in each continent- a four rings representing each representing an element, two suits of armor and a necklace that had the power of music- the portal through which they would return to Gods.

For thirty years Apollo and Kratos roamed the entire earth as nomads, in search of these sacred objects; Apollo using his intellect and Kratos guided by his intuition.

At the end of the thirtieth year while on the island of Mykonos both brothers had a vision in which they were shown that secret to their Godlike powers had always existed within the deepest parts of themselves and that all that was needed to access them was to overcome their ego so they may merge the power of the mind with the spirit.

Armed with this truth both brothers were able to return to the heavens ensuing a period of harmony and ever lasting peace on earth.

Photography: Raphael Pincas

The Zeus Vest- handmade from ultra lightweight and anti-microbial bamboo fabric to keep you fresh and comfortable during all your summer adventures

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The Zeus vest merges fashion with functionality with a light weight oversized hood to protect you from the summer sun

Heracles Shorts made from ultra lightweight, super soft bamboo with intricate hand stitched patterns and cut-and-sew finishing

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The Cuff of Atlas named after the primordial Titan who carried the weight of the heavens over his shoulders with his wrist adorned with a cuff that gave him immortal strength.

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This sterling silver cuff contains is adjustable and contains hours on intricate texturing, patterning done by hand to give it a powerful, ancient look

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Named after the God of Music, rhythm and harmony this sterling silver pendant is shaped as meteorite and grafted over a USB and is hung over a Sterling Silver chain to personify the ability for music to serve as the portal to different dimensions.

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Prometheus Ring

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The Ring of Aether is named after the primordial God of space and heaven. This sterling silver ring is completely adjustable allowing it to be worn on the thumb, pinky or as a digit ring stacked with our other rings. The textured details and oxidized finish add a vintage, rugged look.

Aether Ring

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Ares Ring

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Handmade from ultra soft, stretchable bamboo fabric this t-shirt showcases  cut-and-sew detailing and structuring lines across the front and back add and is cut with a unique profile for an extremely flattering fit for any size

Named after the God of arts, knowledge and archery – Apollo, this is a premium remake of the classic white t-shirt.

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The ultra soft, light weight Hermes pants are handmade from thermal regulating bamboo  for breathability in the day and warmth in the evenings.

The Hermes pants has intricate stitching details and it’s stretchable cuffs allow it to be rolled up as shorts or worn as pants.

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