The Emergence Collection

It is the year 2067, three decades after the annihilation of the human race and planet earth.
Despite their remarkable technological advances, their apathy and lack of empathy caused the air and water of planet earth to be to full of toxic chemicals and plastics causing mass extinction of the human race.

Planet earth was most powerful portal in the cosmos because it had one two things no other planet had- free will and love. The ability to choose love. It was the final frontier in the cosmic war between the dark forces and the light. The power of empathy was so great that it was the only thing that could defeat the dark forces and prevent their complete domination of the cosmic system.

Only a small handful of humans had survived the apocalypse

Within this band of rogues there existed two special humans who’s genes contain a rare genetic mutation causing the essence of their life force to be the strongest of all the human species. If they were to find one another and mate, they would create a new species of human beings that are built around empathy. A race of humans  who saw every being as the one creator and never saw themselves as separate.

The only way for these two humans to find one another was a special set of clothes they wore, the very same clothes that allowed them to survive the annihilation of planet earth.

The dark forces will do anything to stop the emergence of this new gene built upon empathy

Who will win this cosmic battle between light and dark?

Will a new race of humanity prevail?

Will empathy triump or greed win once again?

Photography by: Nico Panam

Karuna Robe

Part shirt, part kimono, and all ninja featuring hand stitched Japanese “borro” stitching patches and detailed exposed cut and sew stitching work.

Part of our “Extreme Conditions Survival Gear” this highly functional robe is UV filtering, anti-bacterial and regulates between day and night temperatures so you stay fresh, dry and odour free day or night, city or desert

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Karuna Robe

Sweat proof, highly breathable bamboo with hours of hand stitched details and adjustable waist for a superior fit


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Upeka Sleeve

are named after the God of travel and transitions. This ultra-soft, handstitched bamboo garment is thermal regulating for breathability in the day and warmth in the evenings

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Metta Mask

Designed for extreme functionality the mask features an oversized hood for protection from the sun, a mask to cover from the dust and wind,  a front pocket for your cellphone and a large pocket in the back which holds a built in 1L removable hydration bag.


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Metta Mask

A remake of the essential t-shirt, handmade from ultra-soft stretchable fabric and unique cut for incredible comfort

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Upeka Sleeve

Sun sleeve made from 50 SPF  to protect from sun burns with an elastic baottom to fit any size hand and wrist

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Forgiveness Shorts

The must have shorts made from the lightest, most breathable bam,  that is naturally anti-bacterial and moisture wicking bamboo to keep you fresh and odour free and with adjustable waistband.

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Hermes Pants

The most comfortable pants you’ll ever wear. Made from ultra-light, thermal regulating bamboo for breathability with hours of intricate stitching and detailing and stretchable cuffs that can be worn as pants or rolled up as shorts

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Mudita Glove

Fingerless ninja glove to add some rock and roll attitude to any outfit

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Zeus Vest

Highly breathable vest with an overs sized hood for protection from the sun 

Metta Mask

Sweat proof, sun proof, dust proof. With a removable 1L hydration bag, aan oversized hood for protection from the sun, and a dust mask

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Assassin Coat

Handmade from vintage handwoven fabric which blocks wind making it perfect for spring and summer evenings. Featuring our signature assassin style cuff design and oversized hood. Tailored for an incredible fit and lined with premium Egyptian cotton for superior comfort.

Transcend Pants

Highly breathable, light weight moisture wicking bamboo pants

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Self Acceptance Vest

The lightest, most comfortable vest with a large hood for protection from the sun

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