Social Impact

Marvaan is an idea which hinges on giving back to, not taking away, from the community around us. Through the creation and sharing of collections of fashion from around the word, a great consideration has been given to the way in which items are sourced, and we have found creative ways in which to re-invest some of the revenue generated to enrich the lives of those around us.

Within Marvaan’s “Sustain” collection there are three styles of rings. These rings, crafted of repurposed antique silver spoons, serve to show that fashion need not promote wasteful consumption.

Furthermore, as a means of paying homage to that from which they are made, Marvaan donates 5% of the sales generated by these rings to the Toronto Food Bank. Even though they are not being used in their original fashion anymore, these rings can still help feed people.

Also within the “Sustain” Collection is the “Belong” Shawl – these pieces are hand woven using traditional methods in Pakistan. Their appeal lies in how versatile these pieces can be, and can we worn on warmer days as an accent or scarf, or provide all over warmth and shelter on colder more inclement days.

For every two of these pieces sold, Marvaan donates on to a person in need in Toronto, giving them a versatile piece of attire to deal with often unpredictable weather conditions.

Marvaan’s “Impermanence” collection is made up of Mala bracelets, made of hand carved yak-bone beads. The creation of these sort of bracelets is a traditional method past on by particular people living in Nepal and the Himalayas. The artisans creating these pieces are compensated fairly for the time they spend carving and assembling these by hand and the creation of this collection provides a way for them to make a viable income and share a small part of their culture with other people around the world.