Ouroborose Bangle


Ouroborose or “The Great Tail Devouring Serpent” is the Alchemists symbol of Infinity. The name of this Sterling Silver bangle is derived from two ancient Greek words, “Oura” meaning ‘the tail’, and “Boros”, meaning “eating”.

  • Fair trade, handmade item
  • Supporting women artisans in Canada
  • 5% of proceeds are donated to the Syrian humanitarian crisis
  • Sterling Silver with hours of hand textured details for a vintage look
  • Each piece is a one of a kind
  • Unisex. Adjustable size. See additional info.

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Derived from two ancient Greek words, “oura” meaning ‘the tail’, and “boros”, meaning “eating”, this sterling silver bangle is named Ouroboros after the Great World Serpent.


This unisex, handcrafted bangle has several meanings interwoven into it, serving as daily reminders for the wearer.

It is the Alchemists symbol of Infinity. The snake wrapped represents the eternal, cyclical nature of the Universe- of disintegration and re-integration and the eternal return, reminding the wearer to be present in each moment, by knowing that all difficulties are temporary and will past, and that all that is considered to be separate is infact one.

The tail of the snake represents the past and the act of devouring it signifies becoming whole with our past moving those experiences into an inner domain of reality.


The serpent has been created without eyes or ears to remind us that all answers are contained within ourselves and not in the physical realm that relies upon the senses.

The wearer of this bracelet is granted the power of engaging with life with the courage born from knowing of the absolute truth- the infinite nature of our spirit; that we have existed before there was a beginning and our essence will exist eternally.

Social Impact

Supports women artisans in Canada.

5% of the proceeds to support the Syrian humanitarian crisis.

Weight0.023 kg
Dimensions3 x 3 x 1 cm

Kāelā, Sanskrit for “Rock”

How to wear

Wear like a bangle. Open slightly and slide hand into the opening with fingers first instead of fully opening and wearing like a bracelet


Each piece is made from the highest quality .0925 Sterling Silver on which hours of craftsmanship are put into to add details such as wear patterns and chiseled sections to give a rustic, vintage look making each piece a one of a kind


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