Ora Ring


“Ora” is the Yucatecan word for “time” and for “now”. Based on “Tezca” the Mayan God of Time, this ring is a reminder of the all existence, is bound by time and change, yet ultimately rests serenely within the Eternal.

  • Limited edition- only 4 pieces exist in the world
  • handmade by an Italian architect and master watch maker
  • Fair trade item supporting women artisans
  • Antique watch pieces with Sterling Silver
  • Hand carved tree and DMT molecule on the sides
  • Each piece is a one of a kind
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“Ora” is the Yucatecan word for “time” and for “now”

This ring is a reminder of the all existence, is bound by time and change, yet ultimately rests serenely within the Eternal.


Time: The antique watch piece reminds us that all moments, whether joyous or sorrowful are temporary and shall pass. The wearer of this ring will understand the true nature of time- that each individual moment exists as a whole, complete and what we refer to the past or future is simply a continuum of “nows”, therefore we can choose to be present in each now to the totality of possible configurations of the universe.

Ceiba Tree: The Mayans believed the universe consisted of heavens above and underworlds below, with the human world between. Linking the three realms was a giant Ceiba tree. The tree’s roots grew into the underworld and its branches connected to the heavens serving as a passageway for gods and the souls of the dead to travel between realms.

DMT molecule: A powerful psychedelic created naturally in the pineal gland, DMT is responsible for causing for dream states and near death experiences and has been consumed for centuries by Indigenous cultures in ceremonial setting in the form of ayahuasca for unlocking the subconscious mind and accessing metaphysical states.


The ring serves as a reminder that what we term life and death, light and dark is infact all one. With this knowledge the wearer of this ring will be released from the fear of death and transcend past the idea of a separate self thus being able to see themselves in all, and as all other life forms, allowing them to practice unconditional compassion for all beings.

Social Impact

Supports women artisans in Canada.

5% of the proceeds are donated to support the indigenous communities gathered at Standing Rock to preserve our right to clean water.

Weight0.023 kg
Dimensions3 x 3 x 1 cm

Kāelā, Sanskrit for “Rock”


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