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Agira Bracelet

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  • Āgirā , Sanskrit for “Fire”
  • Fair trade item, hand made in the Himalayan Mountains
  • 10 mm textured yak bone mala beads inlaid with coral, turquoise and brass strung on an adjustable wax cord
  • This unisex jewelry piece can be paired with a watch, leather bracelet or other beaded bracelets to add a vintage, bohemian look to any outfit

Part of our Nepal Collection, each item in this collection is fair trade and made by hand by a community of women Tibetans refugees living in the Himalayan mountain regions of Nepal. Jewelry serves as a symbol of spirituality in the Tibetan culture and serves as the main source of income for the refugees.

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A mala is a set of beads traditionally used for prayer and meditation in Buddhist and Hindu culture.

Each bead of this mala bracelet is made from hand carved yak bone beads inlaid with turquoise, coral and recycled brass. In Tibetan culture bone is used in jewelry to serve as a reminder to live in service of others.

Agira handmade bracelet


The use of bone signifies our impermanence and serves as a reminder to embrace the transient nature of the world so that by contemplating our mortality we may make this life more fruitful by being present in the moment..

Āgirā , Sanskrit for “Fire”

Tibetan Mala beaded necklace

Turquoise represents the unbounded nature of the sky and symbolizes the limitless ascension achievable by the mind.

Coral represents the earth and symbolizes strength, stability and steadfastness.

The brass is used to bring a healing balance between the energy of the body and the energy of the mind.

Agira beaded bracelet
Weight0.025 kg
Dimensions3 x 3 x 1 cm

Āgirā , Sanskrit for “Fire”

How to wear

To open, hold the bracelet at its base (not the strands) with both hands and simply pull apart. To close, placing one strand of rope in the palm of the hand wearing the bracelet and hold with middle finger. Tighten by pulling the second strand with the other hand.


The traditional craftsmanship techniques used in hand carving each bead may result in slight irregularities such as wear patterns and chiseled sections. The minor variations in shape and colour provide the rustic, vintage feel to our collection and make every piece a labour of love and a work of art.


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