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Assassin Coat


Inspired by the Assasins’s Creed book, the “Assasin Coat” is a garment worn by the last surviving members of the “The Order of Assasins” to conceal their identity while they operate in plain sight continuing their mission to liberate humanity from their minds through non- attachment

  • Supporting women in Pakistan
  • Handmade from vintage handwoven fabric exclusive to us
  • The unique textured fabric blocks wind and the premium Egyptian cotton lining adds superior comfort
  • Featuring our signature assassin style cuff and oversized hood
  • Tailored fit and hand embroidered details with inner and outer pockets
  • 5% of each sale is donated to the Syrian humanitarian crisis
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Assassin’s Coat


Handwoven fabric with a textured pattern for  style with comforort making it perfect for the Spring and summer nights.

Lined with premium Egyptian cotton for a luxurious feel and inner and outer pockets

Sizing & Fit

Tailored for an exceptional fit. Medium size fits most body variations.

S- Height upto 5’5, typically wear XS,S
M- Height upto 6’1, typically wear M,L
L-  Height above 6’1, typically wear XL, XXL

Model is 5’10, 180 lbs and wearing size M

Social Impact

Supporting women leadership and entrepreneurship in Pakistan

5% of the proceeds are donated to the Syrian humanitarian crisis


Originating from the Arabic word “Hashshashin” meaning “ Outlaw.”  The Assasin Coat is the garment worn by “The order of Assassins” created in 109
. A secret order that began it’s operations in the impenetrable mountain fortress of Alamut in Persia where they operated with the mission of liberation from forces that controlled the minds of societies.

The wearer of the Assasin Coat is able to transcend past the working of the minds and create a new liberated reality free through non-attachment to beliefs, ideas and dogmas.

Each assassin starts off as the rank of a “Fidai”: One who is willing to serve others with full abandonment of self. Highly trained in psychological and strategic warfare they operated on levels of the mind before exercising brute force.

From the perspective of history, the hashshashins’ were completely wiped out in 1256 by the Mongols, but a small order of the creed remained, training in secrecy which exists to this very day.

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