The Tulum  Collection

Supporting women in four countries
including Nepal and donating 7% of proceeds
to the Syrian humanitarian crisis

Like dreams, myths allow passage of intelligences across realms.

With the “Tulum Collection” we lift the veil between the material and mystical realm transporting you to the land of “Frisdom”- an ethereal realm of complete freedom, wisdom and love.

A land where all beings are free from suffering and have the wisdom to follow their hearts creating a harmonious union between: man and nature, masculine and feminine, and the mind and spirit.

Inspired by the Mayan beliefs of divination and magic, the Tulum Collection weaves fabric with fantasy basing each piece upon on Mayan Gods, paying homage to the ancestral heritage of native people.

The Tulum collection presents a limited edition of rare jewelry from handmade made in Mykonos and showcases sustainable design with 100% eco-friendly bamboo clothing, including our unisex “Waay Cape” – single garment that can be worn in ten different ways .

Birthed by merging the artistry of five women across four continents, each piece was made in the presence of their children ranging from three months to thirteen years and along with support a Nepali community donates 7%  the crisis in Syria

Each item is based on Mayan deity transferring to the wearer its magical powers to assist with the elevation of the human race in creating the land of Frisdom.

Photography: LittleLight

“Ich” means “To Go Within.”  It signifies harnessing the power of intuition.

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Haah Ring named after the Yucatec word for “Absolute Truth”.

“Ome” means “dual” this ring represents balance between the dual cosmic energies of opposites

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“Ora” means“now”.  this ring is a reminder of the all existence, is bound by time and change,  yet ultimately rests serenely within the Eternal.

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The “Orobouros” bangle is the Alchemists symbol of Infinity and is based on the “Great Tail eating Serpent”.

“Kalaan” means “Nothingness” and represents the void

Multi-functional piece can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet

“Saal” means “Light” the deep blue with gold flecks of this necklace represents the stars in the night sky.

This cape can be worn in twelve different ways from a scarf to a dress and is naturally anti-microbial to keep you fresh and adjusts to climate for daytime adventures or night

“Waay” means “Alchemist.”The intention for this cape is Manifestation.

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“Lu’um” means “Earth”.  This shirt is made from luxuriously soft organic bamboo

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Transcend pants made from organic hemp supporting Nepali women

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