“You and I,
Broken dreamers- two specks of dust stretching into the infinite,
somehow in this expanse of space time we collide.

And the angels,
the angels spilled their cups of wine
dancing with a splendid delight;

Of all possibilities possible,
somehow the universe made us collide.
You with all of your hurts, yearnings and despairs,
and I with mine.

Specks of gold dancing in the breeze.
In that moment there no longer existed a ”you” or a “me”
We collide until all that survives is love.
Until the veil becomes lifted and we become love.”- Ali Sardar

The “Imagine” Collection

A line of eco-friendly, handmade, unisex apparel supporting a community of Nepali artisans and donating 7% of every sale to The Syrian Refugee Crisis.

Photography by: www.danieljohnson.is

The Gratitude Pant

named as a daily reminder of the abundance of health, love and wellbeing in our lives.

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The Actualize vest

named after our ability to evolve by sharing our authentic selves and the gifts each of us are born with  into the world.

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